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We provide services including, ODM, OEM, Solutions for our customers.
Our Strengths:
  • Fast R&D speed

                   We have teams of elites in electronic research and product development

  • Reduce equipment purchasing, R&D cost

                 A one-stop production and research centre for ODM and OEM

  • Improve customers’ product quality

                  We have achieved number of ISO certificates

                  Full monitoring system operating

  • Minimizing customers’ cost

                  Full project planning to lower customers’ components purchasing

  • Excellent communication & Responsiveness

                  Our sales and technical support teams are very willing to help at all time

  • Positive delivery commitments and performance

                  We always fit in with our schedules to provide on-time deliveries

  • We are experienced

                  We have been Awarded TI preferred Venders worldwide 2011 (1 of 8)


              Passed ISO9001-2000 Certification in Sep. 2008
                 Passed ISO9001-2008 Upgrade in Aug. 2009