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Our Vision


The Lierda Slogan


Doing the best, for our success!



A rather simple phrase, but it’s the soul of Lierda.

This is also what our staffs have been trying to achieve in the past decades, trying to do the best, for our success.


The term “our” in the slogan, is a very meaningful Metaphor, and can be interpret in different ways.


First and most importantly, is between our staffs and the company. Lierda is like a small community, providing our staff with great opportunities and welfare as well as the best working environment and supports. We hope all our staffs are happy and proud to be part of Lierda. And in turn, our staffs are trying to do the best to achieve better company performance and goals. 


“Our success” can also be seen as the Win-win situation with our customers. We always think that our customers are the key to our success. We have been working hard in researches to develop new high tech products at low cost for our customer, to gain success together.


Last but not least, it is the relationship with our retails agents. Retailing agents are like partners and friends to us. We greatly cherish the partnership with all retails agents. We work together and to gain success together for a common goal. With their promotion of the brand, Lierda is becoming a very well-known branding within the industry and further stepping forward to the International IT market.


SO, “Success” is actually for everyone! Lierda will further do the best in all aspects, achieving “Doing the best, for our success!”