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Vehicle PEPS/PKE system


With traditional car keys, there are buttons for unlocking car doors. With PKE (PEPS), no button is needed. When you have your PKE in your pocket, the doors will be unlocked when you walk near to your car, and you can start your car engines while you are sitting at the drive seat. This is so called the passive entry passive start system.


RF430F5xx Specifications:
Voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V
Ultra low consumption mode – typ. 4.4μA (total)
3D-antenna port
Flash:32 kBytes
RAM :4 kByte RAM
EEPROM :1776 Bytes
19 + 8 I/O
LF frequency range: 120 kHz to 140 kHz
RF high frequency range:434M~315MHz


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