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Cooperation of Finger Vein Recognition between Lierda and Yannan Tech2014-01-16 Author:Lierda Viewed 4611 times

January, 2014, Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. officially announced the technology and marketing cooperation of finger vein recognition with Yannan Tech. This action will promote the product to the market, which help domestic enterprises and developers to get technology support of finger vein recognition.


  Left to right, Lierda market manager, Yannan executive director Li Xiangming, Lierda CEO Ding Yuling

Finger vein recognition is one of the newest technology in the field of biological recognition, obtaining vein pattern by capturing near-infrared ray through finger, using a specific algorithm for transforming into character code for personal identification. The finger vein pattern is individual and unique, so you can use the finger vein pattern to recognize different individuals. In addition, trying to imitate a particular individual finger vein pattern is very difficult as the vein exists in human body, so it is a very high safety performance of vein recognition technology.
As the leader in embedded solutions and M2M applications, Lierda and Yannan will launch together the greatest finger vein recognition module with the most stable performance in this industry. This kind of product will provide highly safe identification solution for the customers of financial payment, social security, education, attendance check and entrance guard, and consumption. For example, it can be applied to bank, social security, education examination, company network protection and such field. As the terminal product in vein identification management system, it realizes the finger vein collection, storage, comparison, modification, delete and such functions under the support of specific vein collection and checking system software through USB connected to PC, to achieve the integration of related business system.
 Currently, Lierda is able to provide the finger vein products including finger vein multifunctional integrated machine, finger vein collection instrument(USB), finger vein module, finger vein fast development kit.


D500 - Finger vein multifunctional integrated machine


Finger vein identification instrument


About Yannan:
Yannan technology is a high-teach company with equity participation of Peking University, based on the related technology and team from Peking University. Through 8 years development and large-scale field application in Peking University and company, Yannan is gradually forming a mature and stable finger vein core technology and product line. The company is currently the domestically unique, the world's leading commercial finger vein biometric identification core products and solutions provider, but also one of framing the national vein recognition technology standard and promoting the industrial applications.
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