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Lierda Group Attended 116th Canton Fair2014-11-19 Author:Lierda Viewed 8394 times

116th China import and exporttrading fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou from 15th to 19thOctober. Subsidiary company of Lierda - Xianxin technology Ltd attended thetrading festival and won great interest of international traders. -


Lierda attended this affair with independentembedded solution and Internet of things products, including RF, WIFI, ZIGBEE,BLE anti lost shutters, BLE smart scale, home storage system, multifunctional routerand ARM developing board.


Guests are mostly from west Europe, Middle East and  South America, people with different languages are attracted at the stool of Lierda products, many of them praised technology and quality of Lierda products and expressed purchase intention.



Canton fair was held by China Commercial Department and Guangdong government,it is the front-runner international trading fair in China, there are threesessions in autumn Canton fair, the first session - Consumer electronicproducts trading session starts from 15 Oct to 19 Oct. 24,000 enterprisesattended Canton fair last year and 31.69 Billion USD’ deal was made.