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Smart Containers Make Use of Smart Sensors and IoT Technology2016-12-01 Author:lierda Viewed 4928 times

The Lierda Science&Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lierda) working with IBM and Merck Electronic Materials ( Suzhou ) Limited ( hereinafter referred to as MEM ) to develop and implement Internet of Things (IoT) for asset management Proof of Concept (PoC) Pilot.


27 Oct 2016: Lierda, an embedded networking solution and sensor hardware provider, today announced a successful proof of concept implementation that was designed by MEM and IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) unit to address the challenges with using IBM Watson’s intelligence and insight from Lierda’s sensors. The novel approach enables MEM to accelerate the digital transformation of container full cycle tracking process and cold chain management.


Based on advanced ARM's Mbed OS system, Lierda developed a sensor with temperature module and Bluetooth connection. The sensor automatically captures the real-time data including container geolocation and temperature etc.Compared with conventional barcode scanning solution, manual intervention which is prone to data inaccuracy is eliminated. The low power Bluetooth sensor can integrate a variety of environmental sensors to expand functionality. In addition, the Bluetooth technology’s unique frequency-hopping spread spectrum can make sure the data of smart containers be secure and stable.


Integrating capabilities of IBM's cloud-based real time information management and analytics with Lierdas intelligent hardware solution, this PoC pilot deliveries greater transparency and flexibility to support container tracking and cold chain management while creating greater efficiency.


Connectivity generates intelligence. Together with extensive industry know-how from MEM and intelligence from IBM Watson, Lierda assists MEM in moving Industry 4.0 from a concept to reality. This is how Lierda begin to build the real Internet of Things, and change the way businesses operate and people interact with the physical world.