RF Modules

Lierda has devoted to wireless technology and market promotion for eight years, owning a number of professional RF engineer, wireless application engineer and web engineer, as well as professional RF product production conditions and production plant. We can provide standard wireless modules with high performance, including common use frequency bands.

Bluetooth Module

With several years experience of RF development, production and testing, Lierda can provide the whole professional set of Bluetooth solution, custom development service and different Bluetooth products of different protocols. Our products can be widely used in healthcare, consumer electronics and sensing network and such fields. It is the best partner for you.

Network protocol system

Lierda focuses on providing high quality ZigBee communication module and Ad hoc network module, which are easy to use. ZigBee communication module is applied to several ZigBee protocols; Ad hoc network module has flexible network construction, relatively free frequency band, multilevel relay transmission, automatic network construction.

WIFI module