BackLSD5RM-5330DH 5330D Core Board

This core board is designed by Lierda, using AM335x as the main control. The chip, ARM Cortex A8, has highest frequency of 720MHZ, 24 bits LCD controller and touch screen controller, supports 2 USB OTG and gathers 2 10/100/1000M to MAC. RGMII, RMII and MII can be used for communication, 6 routes of UART and 2 routes of multifunctional audio channels, several routes of SPI, IIC, timer, high-grade PWM, DMA, RTC and other common used devices. Besides, it has SGX530 3D acceleration engine and several routes of MMC interfaces. In addition, this core board has many DDR2 of volume 256MB and Nand Flash of 256MB(can be extended).

24bit RGB interface, support resolution up to 1366*768;
MII interface connects PHY chip, RJ45 interface leads out;
High-performance IIS audio chip, standard audio input and output interface;
3D graphics accelerated support;
Standard Micro SD interface, support SD quick start;
6 hardware ports, two of them connect to RS232 and led out;
SDIO WIFI interface, can connect to Jorjin and such WIFI;
SPI, IIC, PWM interfaces. 
Smart household furnishing, automatic control equipment of industry, medical and health care, industrial POS, financial POS, vehicle navigation, single board computer, network application.