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BackNon-magnetic Heat Meter Module

Module:LSD3HM-3071 Sample:LSD3HM-3071Z

CJ128-2007,CJ/T 188-2004,JJG225-2007
Technical Parameters
Power Supply:3.6V Lithium Battery
Quiescent Current:≤15uA
Display: LCD-8digits
Temperature Difference.:3~90.0℃
Accuracy Class:2 or 3
Key Features
1.Using TI ultra-low power MCU, high performance.
2. Non-magnetic flow measurement techniques, better than tradition.
2. Using timed & quantitative approach to data backup。
3. With Self-diagnosis, fault display, power-off storage functions.
4. Using extern eeprom for 18 months history data storage.
5. Remote reading optional (None/M-Bus/RF )

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