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BackWireless IC Card Gas Controller

The contact IC card controller is designed based on GB/T6968-2011 and CJ/T112-2008 Standard requirements. The controller provides a long service life as well as highly reliable and accurate measurements with very low energy consumption. It also provides protection against over-currents, power-down hazard and strong magnetic disturbance etc.



  • Using low cost contactless IC card as pre-paid media
  • Low power consumption
  • Using Complete pre-paid management, operation simple &reliable
  • With the gas shortage & overdraft management functions
  • With reverse-battery, magnetic , ESD and power-off protection functions.
  • Optional API, DEMO, and management system

 Operating voltage: 3-4dry cell
 Communication frequency: 470MHz
 Bund width: ≤200KHz
 Transmission frequency: ≤50mW