Internet of things System
Internet of things Gateway(ioBee)
Internet gateway is the important part of internet of things system. It is responsible for the communication of the inner net and the outer net, inquiring, controlling and setting the inner device. It can take mapping transmission and application conversion according to device types, communication physical interface and communication protocol, it can take mapping transmission between different applications according to devices’ different working means and industry regulations.
Internet of things Cloud(IOC)
Internet of things cloud is the generic term of different systems based on internet applications, including network cloud, chief control, communication, terminal and such links. It connects different terminals work together under the demand of the cloud or the specified device, even can work cooperatively cross applications. It can configurate, manage and control automatically according to different access methods of different authorities. Based on this frame, it can derive quickly many different application scenes system, and adjust in real time with the change of actual conditions.
Smart Product(IAP)
Based on internet of things system application and Lierda’s rich experience of embedded products, smart products will be more intelligent and more practical, which makes internet of things system to be the real smart system.