Embedded Application Products
Embedded ARM System
ARM product line mainly focuses on the development, production and sales of the core board, including various ARM, such as ARM9, Cortex A8. The core board has several types of interfaces, such as stamp hole, DIP contact pin and the like. EMC’s and EMI’s characteristics are considered in designs so that the product can be applied to power concentrator, POS machine, medical care, industrial display and such occasions where need the product with multiple functions and high stability. Our products support different system levels, especially Linux and android system.
Wi-Fi module
WiFi module of “Li-Link” sereis mainly includes two product directions: standard WiFi module and transparent WiFi module, involving different module structures, different types of interfaces and different price levels of product, provide different solutions for customers to meet their different demands of WiFi. For the WiFi team, Lierda transfered senior engineers with rich design experience of M2M wireless products and embedded debugging experience to establish the WiFi technology team that can ensure high quality of products and more professional technology supports to our customers.
DTU/RTU Products
GSM/GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/EVDO data transfer unit has DB9 interface (RS232, RS485 in option) and data transparent access, which can achieve remote, wireless and network communicating means. You have no need to know the complicated protocols of TCP/IP and PPP that you can easily connect to Internet by wireless.
Embedded Intelligent Displaying Terminal