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This item transmits ultrared rays by infrared transmitting tube, constituting an infrared web. The strength of the infrared rays in horizontal and vertical direction received by infrared tube is changed when something (eg. finger) obstructs the infrared rays receiving by getting into the infrared web, thus the exact touching position can be located. This solution has unique advantage in Optical designing and computing method, it not only settles traditional infrared touching screen’s defects like small in size, high cost and instability, but also overcomes strong light, ashes and magnetic interference. Compared to resistive screen and capacitive screen, it has higher luminousness, better anti interference ability, and long operating life,,it can be operated by insulating medium (eg. grove ) as well.

Features Get more content on 1 High-performance two-point touch finger input, swift slide 2 Low energy consumption 3 Designed to Q100 identified vehicle-mounted standard, confirm with regulation of vehicles. 4 Calibration free 5 Preventing from mistaking operating by ashes, 100% lomiousness, wide viewing angle, reflectionless 6 Long operating life, can be operated by insulator such as grove
1 Vehicle multimedia navigation 2 Applicating on pad
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