Micro-Controller Products
Lierda MCU
From 16 bits MSP430 MCU of low power consumption and TMS320C2000 real-time controller of high performance to multipurpose 32 bits MCU based on ARM and ARM Cortex-M3/M4 MCU, Lierda provides the richest embedded controllers for users that meet different industries such as instruments and meters, electric energy meter, health care, finance and industrial control.
MCU Develop Tool
For customers’ easier understanding and handling MCU characteristics and functions, Lierda has launched different development board and demo board based on different MCU product lines for learners easily handling MCU’s characteristics. Lierda developed many MCU simulators and programmers to improve Progress and efficiency of product development.
E-Paper displays (EPDs) are being utilized for reusable transport items, medical display devices, electronic security badges, smart tags, labels, and just about anywhere paper is being used for conveying important information in industrial and commercial applications. In addition, e-Paper is being used to display retail and commercial product pricing and information, diagnostic charts, barcode and QR codes and work instructions for assembly lines and manufacturing. E-paper provides an advantage over traditional paper displays by reducing expenses for paper materials and labor. E-paper also provides paper-like readability, high resolution, high contrast, 180 degree viewing angle, and is an ideal TN/STN upgrade.