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BackL serial BLE module based on TI CC254X chip

Lierda L serial BLE module is a high-performance IOT wireless transceiver which is based on TI CC254X chip. It is an stamp-interface module with onboard antenna inside whose ports are completely open. It solves the problem of RF hardware design adjusting for users and endows users with more flexibilities in software and product structure. This module is a remarkable product with low power consumption, small size and strong anti-interference ability.

Features Product type and info Product Type Corresponding chip model LSD4BT-L44MSTD0 CC2540F256 LSD4BT-L54MSTD0 CC2540F128 L serial BLE module LSD4BT-L74MSTD0 CC2541F256 LSD4BT-L84MSTD0 CC2541F128 get more information in PDF introduction.
Typical application Lierda L serial BLE module can be applied in this fields: 2.4 GHz BLE system. PC, tab, handsets and other low consumption peripheral devices (HID devices,remote control etc). Sports products, medical and consuming electrical products. Intelligent meters, data collection and wireless sensor network.
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