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This BLE Data transparent transmission module is based on Bluetooth Low Energy standard by Bluetooth SIG. It operates by serial port and PWR_CTL pins, the module supports wireless control by host as well, users can develop standard BLE products without implicating in Bluetooth protocol application software. After connection by serial port control, bidirectional data transmission can be achieved between BLE host and slavers

1. This module supports transparent transmission mode and command mode: In transparent transmission mode, data received by serial port is directly sent to host, host then will send data to user MCU. In command mode, user MCU can configurate and acquire parameters of module by corresponding commands. 2. Module can switch between transparent transmission mode and command mode by I/O interface, it can also configurate by host. 3. General serial port design, baud rate can be configurated by serial port or host, making it easier to adapt MCU resources, default 9600bps, off power preserving. 4. Bluetooth broadcast interval and Bluetooth connecting interval can be configurated by serial port or host setting to control Bluetooth energy consumption.     5. Module can configurate Bluetooth device title by serial port or host, making it easier for off line restore and device distinguishment in application. 6. Module can configurate Bluetooth pairing code by serial port or host and can enable or disenable it.     7. Module can be resettable by serial ports or host.     8. Module can restore to factory setting by serial port or host.     9. MCU awaking serial port: Wake user MCU by I/O interface when module is sending serial port data. I/O port is not applicable when user MCU have continual serial port monitoring or it can awake by serial port directly.     10. Module will send Bluetooth data which delayed for seconds to users MCU when serial port is sending delaying based on 1.9 above, delaying time can be configurated.     11. Module can acquire Bluetooth MAC address(physical address) by serial port.     12. Bluetooth transmit power of module can be configurated by serial port/host to control communicating distance and energy consumption.     13. Support simplest developing, only need to connect serial port to develop. The pin can be down-pulled to low electricity level to save I/O resource of MCU when control is not needed.        
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Other Info
1. Voltage:2.0~3.6,Typical 3.3V; 2. Serial port feature:default baud rate:9600bps,8N1,revisable. 3 Dimension of module (mm) as the chart below.