Integrated Circuit and Application
Self-directed Chip
Semiconductor self-directed chip covers broad marketing applications, depending on distinct cost advantage and reliable quality , it directly substitutes the brands on the market and gains good feedback. Currently, we have crystal oscillator, EEPROM, DCDC, LDO, TVS, three-terminal, interface chip and the like, enough samples for substitutions and applications.
Power Management
Power is the device that provide electrical energy, it is the motive power of all the electronic equipments just like human’s heart. General electrical power, such as the common electric supply, is needed to be transmitted to provide power for electronic devices, such as AC to DC, high voltage to low voltage and the like. Lierda self-directed power module is widely applied into industrial control, electric power, instruments and meters, medical electronics, rail transit, communication and many other momentous occasions.
Smart Interface
Smart interface consists of micro-processors or minimal machines, having the functions of data format conversion, error control, data stream buffer and supporting the special interface, several communications, several operation systems and so on.
Smart Sensor
Smart sensor is equipped with micro-processor, with the functions of collecting, processing and communicating, which is the product from the combination of analog sensor and MCU.Compared with common sensor, smart sensor is with high integration, high reliability, digital signal output, multiple functions and high price ratio, which provides great convenience for customers. It is the inevitable trend of the rapid development of the Internet of things.