BackCC3200 WIFI Module

CC3200 WIFI module is a newly developed module with excellent performance


1. Dimension: 32.8*23.1mm, 1.27SMT

2. Main frequency: ARM Cortex M480MHz


4.256K RAM Maximum

5.802.11bgn wireless standard



1. Provides complete solution, WIFI + APP + Server, prompt access to IOT.

2. ARM Cortex M4 Core, high speed and abundant in hardware resources.

3. Effective battery managing, minimum power consumption 8mASleep mode <120uA

4. Simple hardware design, easy to access.

5. Industrial temperature, available in various applications.


Support 802.11 b/g/n standard, WPA,WPA2 encryption. 
SMARTCONFIG and WPS configuration ( 3 types of APP codes).
TCP/IP Protocol stack integrated.
Cortex M4 Core
Provides PROMLYLINK base and M4 core driver library for programming.
Provides abundant periphery interface, UART/SPI/I2C/I2S.
Low consumption, 4ua in deep sleep mode.
120ua consumption in LPDS mode
Idle connection mode(DTIM=1),working current 8ma.
Packed design, mini dimension 23*32mm, surface amount package.
Simple IAR/CCS compiling environment.

Smart household electrical appliances fridge, air conditioner.
WIFI , microphone, WIFI audio
Medical equipments
Industrial equipments: 485 convert to WIFI
Household wireless security, visible doorbell
LED control card
Smart plug
LED light control
Smart curtain