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CYPRESS supplies a series of low consumption 8 bit Micro controller it is a ideal choice for wireless application.


CyFi™ Low consumption radio frequency


Radio Frequency Micro processor


CYPRESS supplies a series of low consumption 8 bit micro controller, it is a ideal choice for wireless application. enCoRe™ serial includes fundamental parts for various applications. These instruments adopts minimum 8 bit RSIIC core and provides flash memory and internal/external function as well.


      enCoRe II LV serial provides 27V high-end I/O solution (cy7C601 xx), perfect for keyboard application. It also provides middle/low ends I/O solution (Cy7C602xx), these solutions are ideal choices for mouse, demonstration tool and other similar applications.


These Chips are highly competitive and highly integrated, which could reduce the total cost of the system.


  enCoRe III LV serial provides a  2 4  to  3.6 V medium  I/O solution  (CY7C603xx) it also equip with configurable simulation and digital peripherals. These tools provide a low consumption solution for games, mouse, demonstration tool and other applications.


       enCoRe V LV (CY7C604xx)  serial provides a medium/high end I/O solution(CY7C604xx) ranging from  1.71 to 3.6 V. it makes low consumption wireless micro controller design possible. Flash memory of these instruments was raised (32kb), thus provides extra code space for multi- media function in HID products.


Radio frequency transceiver


It is designed for desktop wireless connection in peripheral applications.  Wireless USBTM system can be function as a USB HID device. CYPRESS also provides PRoC - A on-chip programmable wireless system based on flash memory. PRoC is the first low cost micro controller integrated with programmable flash memory and 2.4GHz wireless transceiver. Micro controller core supports M8C 8 bit engine. It includes 256 bit data SRAM and 8 KB code flash memory.


Wireless mouse

Wireless USB Bridge,

Wireless keyboard,

Wireless demonstration tool

Games and remote control

Other Info

Advantages of wireless USB/PRoC LP

       Powerful 2.4GHz solution, works stably in 2.4GHz environment.

       Low consumption optimized for power supply device.

       Low cost achievement and material integration.

       Easily adopted reference design and tools can accelerate product cycle.