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Bridge-West Bridge® controller
West Bridge® serial provides best quality and connection for embedded field. It makes high velocity transmission and direct connection between peripherals possible, main processor could be operated better with its assistant in data intensive operation.  

West Bridge Antioch™ (CYWB01 2*AB) is three-port component specified for hand device. It provides a direct path from PC to hand device bulk storage (SD、 MMC、 HDD and NAND of high speed USB).

West Bridge Arroyo™ is entry level product, it supports USB 2.0 and SDHC/SDIO/eMMC interface by connection between embedded processors.MSC sideway download speed could be 1 5Mbps。 Arroyo is incompatible with Turbo-MTP™ and it has no USB switch. Arroyo is entry level products of West Bridge serial. It is sold at high subsidy price.

West Bridge Astoria™ (CYWB022*) is multimedia storage controller, it adopts CYPRESS N-Xpress™ NAND technique.  N-Xpress can provide swift switch, bad block management, static balance and 4 bit ECC for a maximum of 16 SLC NAN.

CYPRESS West Bridge Bay™(CYWB01 6*) is USB OTG/ USB 2.0 solution for mobile hand device. SLIM™ II structure of Bay can partake data transmission of baseband or processor, thus provide better user experience by USB 2.0 side load and battery power supply.

USB full speed peripheral
CYPRESS provides a series of low consumption 8 bit micro consumption controller, it is ideal choice for various applications, these components adopt a minimum of 8 bit RISC core and provide internal and external functions of flash memory.

 enCoRe III serial provides a medium I/O solution(Cy7C603xx) for 24 to 36 V. It has configurable analogy and digital peripheral, which provide a low consumption solution for games, mouse. Demonstration tools and other applications.

• enCoRe V (CY7C604xx) serial provides a medium/high end I/O solution ranging from  71 to 3 6V. It makes low consumption micro controller design possible, flash memory can be elevated to 32 kb, which provides extra coding space for multimedia function in new wireless HID products.

• EZ-USB FX1 ™ - Faster high performance expanding technique.

USB hub of CYPRESS has been widely adopted in various applications since 2002, CYPRESS hub controller serial covers single/multi data operation transformation controller of dual ports and four ports, along with other products for high speed USB.

USB high speed peripheral
(HSP) serial products - USB high speed peripheral of CYPRESS includes products for video and storage. Programmable product with available fixed configuration, Multiple package, various I/O configuration and flexible software provides best high speed USB solution.

• EZ-USB FX2LP™ — Low consumption programmable MCU. It is used for bus and battery peripheral, its pin is compatible with EZ-USB FX2.
• EZ-USB AT2LP™ — Programmable USB-PATA bridge component used for external hard disk Driver (HDD), disk driver and multi role storage applications.
• EZ-USB NX2LP-Flex™ — Programmable USB NAND flash memory controller used for multirole NAND flash driver.
Applications: External hard disk Driver (HDD), USD NAND flash driver, biometric security and set tops.

USB Host

CYPRESS is leader in USB market. It is capable of making any industrial/ commercial level products to fulfill the standard of automobile application. Its USB host and USB hub solution are comply with AECQ100 standard and commonly applied in automobile market.
USB Host: First full speed embedded host/ periphery controller which complies with automobile industry standard, 4 port embedded host/ peripheral controller based on micro processor.
• USB embedded high speed hub: USB 2.0 Hub controller which complies with automobile industry standard.  2/4 port/ single task converter.
• USB high speed peripheral: A2TLP USB-ATA Bridge high speed peripheral with 8 ports, which comply with automobile standard.

USB low speed peripheral
Low speed USB controller of CYPRESS adopts minimum 8 bit RISC core of the industry, it consists of RAM, EPROM flash memory, USB logic and USB transceiver.

Three products
    M8™ serial: First integrated low speed USB micro controller
enCoRe™ - Strengthened component simplified technique, lower cost by integrated external components.
enCoRe™ II – Strengthened component simplified technique. Flash memory added, more integrated.

USB Peripheral
CYPRESS EZ-USB® FX3TM is a new USB 3.0 peripheral controller, it provides highly integrate and flexibility, helps developers to add USB 3.0 to any system. EZ-USB FX3 has a fully equipped general parallel programmable interface (GPIF II). This interface can be connected to any processor, ASIC, Image sensor or FPGA. General programmable interface (GPIF II) is strengthened version of GPIF of CYPRESS USB 2.0 FX2LP. It can be connected to normal industrial interface including synchronized FIFO, asynchronous SRAM. Asynchronous/synchronized address data multiplex interface and parallel ATA.

USB Transceiver
TX2UL of CYPRESS is the smallest USB 2 0 ULPI transceiver in market。 TX2UL is suitable for applications with USB controller but needs ULPI transceiver. TX2UL supports broad variable input voltage range (30 to 5 775 V. Time frequency can be configured as 1 3, 1 9 2, 24 and 26MHz. Packed design (2 1 4 x 1 76 mm), power consumption of TX2UL in sleep mode is only 5μA. It is ideal choice for mobile phone and power supply application. TX2UL is widely applied in USD modem transceiver, mobile phone and other consumer electric devices.