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NB-IoT USB Dongle is developed base on Neul Boudica chipset. The device, on the one hand, can be used to evaluate and learn NB-IoT software instructions, and on the other hand it can test the functionality and performance of NB-IoT. The device with small size, easy to use features.

Equipment List:
·NB-IoT USB Dongle
·NB-IoT Antenna
·Current Test Leads
·Users Guide
Hardware support:
USB-A interface, SMA antenna interface, SIM card slot, current test selector switch, current test interface, reset button, JTAG debug interface.
Software support:
Embedded Ethernet protocol stack, support Boudica chip RX, TX, Sleep, Idle and other state switch AT instruction.
Support LogView,which is used to debug the hardware and software of Boudica chipset.