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BackNB-IoT Multi-fuction Diagnostic Equipment

This equipment can help developer simulate the real application scenarios by load different test parameter , It integrates GPS, GPRS,Bluetooth and sensors.It can be run alone as battery power and simulate data flow to verify whether the terminal device is working properly or not with the cloud server.

Equipment List:
·Power Adapter
·USB-A to micro USB Cable
·NB-IoT Multi-Function Diagnostic Instrument
·GPS Antenna
·NB-IoT Antenna
·GPRS Antenna
·Users Guide
Equipment Description:
function buttons: reset button, Bluetooth pairing button, and use case test button.
LED indicators: indicate battery status, use case running status, NB-IoT working status and GPRS working status.
Communication function: Integrated MicroUSB interface, GPS module, GPRS module, NB-IoT module, IIC communication module.
Battery capacity: 10000mAh lithium battery.
Storage function: support 4GB TF card.
SIM card slot: Supports :two micro SIM cards, respectively for NB-IoT and GPRS.
Antenna Interface: three SMA antenna interface, respectively, support GPRS, GPS, NB-IoT.
On-Board Processor: STM32L476ZGT6 ARM Cortex-M4 MCU.
Software support: embedded TCP, UDP, COAP and other network protocol stack, Boudica chip RX, TX, Sleep, Idle and other state switch AT instruction set and test cases.