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LSD4WN-2335XGW1 is the first -generation LaRaWAN Gateway Lierda developed. It is LoRaWAN protocol supported, implement the physical layer function of LoRa, and support upstream multi-channel currency. It is industrial device which can be against bad environment, and can be customized by customers for different applications.

●Recommended power adapter parameters: 12 V 2A,Model HX08-1202(2000);
●Supported Accessories:
1.Power Adapter:HX08-1202(2000)
3.LoRa omnidirectional antenna(433MHz480MHz495MHz868MHz915MHz)
5.GPS and GPS omnidirectional antenna
6.Build-in 3/4G router and LTE antenna
●RF Parameter:depend on MCRFM;
●Deployment Type:Indoor/outdoor, industrial grade